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Message from the Founder

“I believe my calling is to support individuals to discover their God-given gifts and talents, recognise God's purpose for their lives, and together use these to reach their true potential, whilst glorifying God.

My experience, over the last 20 years, in both the private and public sectors, has enabled me to acquire a wealth of skills and experience in the areas of leadership and talent development, as well as personal and organisational development.  

I want to explore and find ways to bring my expertise to the benefit of the wider Church family, and be part of a body that will transform our churches, so that together, we can touch and transform lives, making a positive impact in society".    
                                             ~ Oenca Fontaine

Why Us?

The bottom line is…Christian Leadership Ministries supports individuals, both inside and outside the Church, to acknowledge their God-given gifts and talents, to recognise God’s purpose for their lives and use these to reach their potential, in service, whilst glorifying God.  

We want to equip churches and Christian organisations so that they become a greater ‘force for good’ to be reckoned with, in order that they are able to positively influence our world, providing an effective needs based ministries that delivers Jesus’ teaching effectively, and in a way that is relevant today. 

We want to help grow and develop visionary leaders who have a deep relationship with God and who lead by example.  Leaders who are able to lead God’s people effectively so that the body of Christ is effective and every member has a place to ‘belong’; their own ministerial position; where they can fulfil God’s calling on their life and make their contribution – if that is their desire. 

We want to be actively involved in providing support, training, facilitation, motivation and inspiration for believers, developing them to meet the needs of others, whilst developing themselves personally.

We work in partnership with other like-minded people and organisations to ensure that Christian Leadership Ministries is at the leading edge of best practice and ensure that everything we do is in line with principles laid down in the word of God.



What We do
Christian Leadership Ministries equips leaders and officers within the Christian community; enabling churches to mobilise their congregations and fulfil their vision and mission.
We also enable individuals to discover their God-given gifts and talents and empower them to use these to impact others in their place of worship and/or the local community.
Through our motto “Transforming Churches… Transforming Lives…”

We seek to:
  • Develop and use creative tools, techniques and approaches to enhance the leadership capability within churches and Christian organisations;
  • Create a supportive learning and development environment to enable the exploration and further development of individual, team and organisational potential;
  • Use distinctive processes that bring about positive, sustainable and effective behavioural change;
  • Provide a proactive focus for mission-led activity that impacts the local community and/or society at large;
  • Connect individuals with other like-minded people, to promote accountability for action; and
  • Provide opportunities to relax and rejuvenate spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Our Approach and Values
We believe that:
  • Everyone has that potential to become the person they want to be;
  • People have the capacity to take responsibility for who they are and for how they behave; and
  • Organisationally, it is the people within each organisation that hold the key to organisational impact and success – therefore it is important that the leaders within the church and/or Christian organisations develop the creativity and effectiveness of all their people.
With this in mind, the values that operate within Christian Leadership Ministries are the same principles upon which we base our own behaviour.  We are committed to:
  • Working alongside individuals who want to discover their latent qualities and abilities; increase their leadership and personal effectiveness; make changes in their own lives and the lives of others; and serve others.
  • Valuing and recognising each person as an individual, as well as their contributions.
  • Supporting individuals to realise their potential and maximise their contribution to the world.
  • Helping individuals to learn from every situation and all the events that occur in their lives everyday.
Our Team

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Do You Want To Get Involved?

We at Christian Leadership Ministries we see that willing people are a vital part in doing the work of the ministry.

There are many ways to assist in all that God has called Christian Leadership Ministries to do.  So whether it’s volunteering your skills or expertise, your time, or financial support, we are always looking for committed people to help us in serving the Christian community.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact us to let us know which area(s) or in what way you’d like to help.  

For your information, you can make donations or financial gifts online by following the 'DONATE HERE' button.

Thank you very much.
We look forward to hearing from you.


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