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Here is a selection of testimonials, comments and case studies from our current client base, as well as some of the previous clients that Oenca Fontaine has worked with.  By sharing some of the ways in which we have helped individuals, teams and/or organisations, in both secular and Christian contexts, we hope to give a clearer idea of how we can help you and/or your church/organisation.

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CLMQ™ & Other 360-Degree Feedback Processes
“I worked with Oenca on the final stages of development of the CLMQ™ - 360 and was impressed not only with the dedication, belief and infectious enthusiasm she has for her work but also with the professionalism and methodical way she approached the CLMQ™ - 360 project.
Oenca demonstrated thoroughness and rigour in researching the “How” and the “What” required by Christian Leaders so they can provide the right Spiritual Governance and Godly and Ethical Leadership.  She identified the relevant competencies through interviewing key people in the Church and engaging in rigorous debate and exploration of the key behaviours required of leaders to engage, inspire and motivate congregations and other stakeholders in the wider community.
She analysed the raft of information gathered, using cluster analysis to identify themes and having refined the behavioural items and defining the competencies, she then validated those items by re-engaging with those who had contributed to the initial data capturing exercise.
Oenca’s thoroughness and objectivity in the way she gathered information and challenged others to its relevance provided me with confidence that the raw data we based the final items on was valid.
Working with Oenca on this project was extremely rewarding and thought provoking due to the passion and belief she has in the work she does and I would be more than delighted to work with her again”.

~ Julie Lee BSc (Hons) MSc, Business Psychologist, Zircon Management Consulting Ltd.

“Oenca is an inspiration, who can “light up a room” with her enthusiasm for work and life.  I first met her when she facilitated one to one feedback sessions with our senior managers to enable them to interpret their Transformational Leadership Questionnaire (TLQ) 360° degree reports.  Oenca’s communication skills are highly developed and she enables individuals to reflect on their own behaviour and how it impacts on other people.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Oenca to other people – in a work or personal capacity.”
~ Celia Payne, Principal Learning & Development Officer, Borough of Telford & Wrekin

Our Style & Approach

In terms of approach, I would suggest that this where the real added value come in (Rolls Royce not Mondeo).  Anyone can obtain the theory and deliver it, but your robust yet charming approach really brings it to life.”

~ Alan Gilbert
“I always leave the coaching session feeling energised, challenged and stretched.  I feel safe and feel a greater sense of direction.  I learn something about myself each time, am able to look at things differently and see the bigger picture.”
~Marie Tolster
“Oenca’s approach has always been very open and willing to negotiate to deliver the most appropriate coaching to meet the team’s needs in consultation with myself.  Oenca is not troubled by any negative attitudes displayed by team members, in fact she thrives on understanding alternative views and working with individuals.  Oenca has been fully committed to supporting the Norfolk constabulary, and her energy and commitment have been first class.”
Oenca has a great ability to bring people together, support individuals and identify areas for development for both individuals and teams.  Her approach is very refreshing.  She has energy and enthusiasm that is infectious and she also is prepared to challenge those who either wont partake or are unwilling to develop themselves.  This is a real strength of Oenca, whereby she challenges appropriately and in a way that does not isolate individuals.  It has been commented that most coaching sessions tip toe around the actual problem and do not identify underlying causes, therefore any learning is superficial.  This cannot be said of Oenca.”

~Julian Blazeby

 "It has been a liberating and calming experience to use this service with someone who was willing to listen, be supportive and encouraging, and, very importantly, share her knowledge and experiences too – business or personal. It made me feel that I was not on my own, or that I could use her ideas in my own business. Thank you Oenca"

~Marlene Lewis, SLA Recruitment Ltd

“Oenca’s personal style is engaging but appropriately boundaried.  She is confident, organised and calm, which facilitates trust and honesty.”


“Oenca has enhanced and broadened my communication and personal impact skills, and as a result of working with her, I have developed greater strategic thinking, become more influential and more focused.”
~ Marie Tolster , Accounts Director, BSMHFT
“I would like to thank you for helping me to achieve greater clarity in understanding my needs from my life – and in believing that it is within my power to achieve what I want from life.  I have got a better job now, and have developed my approach to life to one that is more quietly but resolvedly determined.
PS – if you could find me suitable husband material, I’ll feel like I’ve achieved success in all areas of my life!”

~ Natasha Goggin
Having worked with and been mentored by Oenca I now look at the world in a slightly different way.  Oenca provides you with the keys that enable you to unlock your own potential, she also helps you to find the tools that you can use to carve out a better future for yourself.
Her enthusiasm for life and what it can offer is infectious; you are left with a thirst to know and do more.  When I met Oenca I not only found a Mentor and friend but also an amazing human being.”

~ Margaret Holt, Organisational Development Officer in a large Metropolitan Local Authority

On reviewing our mentoring relationship I feel it has been a very positive experience which has increased my awareness of both others and myself, statement which come to mind are:
  • Increased self confidence
  • Raised my awareness and given me the ability to understand myself & my feelings
  • Helped me to appreciate and understand others around me more
  • Organise myself
  • To review my management style and how to get the best from people
  • Stimulated me into acting on my feelings and clearly identifying what I want and working out how to get those things
  • Assisting me to gain a qualification
  • Raised awareness of diversity issues
  • Realisation of who I was
  • Taught me the concept of reframing things in my own mind, which gave me a calmer way of approaching situations.”
~ Chris Bailey, SMBC

“One of my earliest and deepest fears was to deal with money and this was highlighted in my first coaching session with Oenca.  When the subject was brought up my immediate reaction was to wave my hands in the air in a dismissive manner and say, “I don’t deal with money”.  And as far as I was concerned that was the end of the matter.  However, running a business and dealing with money works hand in hand and you can’t do one without the other – if the business is to become successful.
Within 12 months, I have taken the bull by the horns.  Through our regular coaching sessions, my attitude towards money is totally different.  I have had several meetings with the bank manager who has given me an overdraft without any problems.  (My belief was that my bank wouldn’t believe in my business and me and therefore wouldn’t provide support.  I was wrong.)  I keep in regular contact with my bank and check my bank balance regularly, because I am no longer anxious over money.  I have also attended a Finance Management workshop, which was invaluable and review my notes regularly and apply what I have learnt.  These are issues I would never have faced full on and take responsibility for.  The outcome of these coaching sessions is that I feel empowered and I no longer procrastinate.”

~ Marlene Lewis, SLA Recruitment Ltd

Leadership Development Support
“I am able to deploy practical strategies and techniques to clarify my thinking and decision making.”
~ Marie Tolster , Accounts Director, BSMHFT
“As a result of our meetings I have found my general approach to management has changed for the better, this is very much due to your inputs, guidance and approach to issues, whilst very informative they are very ‘ground floor’ related i.e. I feel you promote discussion and communication on a very level playing field but still look to maintain a direct approach to issues, meeting something ‘head on’ if the need arises but with the psychology of ‘what position does that place me in’.”
~ A senior Manager

Team Development Support
“Working with Oenca has had an impact on the workings of the Senior Management Team (SMT) that actually survives the churn that the police service enjoys, because ‘survivors’ inculcate the newcomers into the new culture and hence it self-perpetuates to a certain degree.”
~ Alan Gilbert, Head of Forensic Investigation

“Personal relationships have improved.  There is a greater understanding of personal styles and how they are identified within the team.  There has been a strengthened ethos with better understanding of individual strengths and areas for development, which ultimately has improved performance”
~ Julian Blazeby, Chief Superintendent, Protective Services Command
“I’m glad to say that the programme of events, in my opinion had a positive affect of the PSC SMT by improving our understanding of each others thinking styles and personalities, opportunities that we wouldn’t have had to explore without the time set aside.  That in turn led to a close feel within our team and a more open working relationship where we really did try to look out for each other and try to take the Command on as a whole…”

~ Carl Edwards, Temporary Superintendent Human Resources

Training Programmes
"I've attended many of your seminars and overall they are interactive where the audience are encourage to actively participate, sometimes getting out of their seats/comfort zones.
Although not everyone likes this is, it will help them to remember the experience which is your aim I'm sure.

I can comment a bit more on the last seminar you did at church about men and women ( I can't remember the proper title though). The power-point was useful as it helped to grasp the topic.
I also liked the fact that you gave your own personal experiences (which you didn't have to do). By doing this you maintained the interest of the audience (because people are generally nosey!! lol); encouraged others to speak about their experiences; or just speak.

There is always food for thought after one of your seminars which makes you want to delve more into the topic/self reflection."

~ Charmaine Bedward, Church of God (7th Day)

"Maaan, words ain;t good enough to describe the experience i had at your seminar.  Any testimonial I write would be inadequate."

~ Keron Rhamie, SDA

“Oenca was my tutor coach/mentor on the Professional Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring Programme.  She has been very helpful and a tower of strength and support throughout the course…
Her style of coaching/mentoring is unique and she made learning interesting and full of fun.  There was never a time throughout that I asked myself “what was I doing here?” as in many other courses I had being through, and my word, I have been through some difficult ones…
Oenca has excellent listening skills that you could almost touch when you are in a mentor/mentee discussion with her…
I acquired coaching and mentoring skills and many other competencies on the course and they have been useful tools for me in my endeavour to become a successful coach/mentor.  Through her support, I was awarded a Diploma with commendation (the first of its kind in the four year that the programme had been running….
Thank you Oenca, not only for being a good coach/mentor but also for being a friend.”

~ Matthew Ebo, Birmingham City Council
“Oenca supported me as a mentor whilst completing the BTEC Mentoring (Advanced Certificate) during this time she helped me to organise myself, produce assignments which I didn’t believe I was capable.
~ Chris Bailey, SMBC

e-Book - Your Journey to Personal Mastery
“Your e-book is a delight to read and very apt for me right now…
~ S Samuda, Clinical Psychologist, BSMHFT

GuideLines, by K. Bradford Brown

Guidelines to Love – explore love as both an emotional experience and a spiritual practice and reminds you of its ever-present power in our lives.

Guidelines to Relationships – provides relief, guidance and insight into how relationships work and what we can learn from them.

Guidelines to Spirituality – offers insight into the nature of the spiritual realm and ways to connect with it in everyday life.

Guidelines to Feelings – are an exercise in understanding and awakening, designed to probe and punctuate the not-so-obvious.
Guidelines to Creativity – gives nourishment to the creative part of you, and inspiration when you believe you have lost it.

Guidelines to Success – expands the definition of success to include both our chosen goals, and what we discover on the way.

If you are interested in purchasing your own copy/copies, please contact:
The More To Life Centre
  0207 431 0922

Resources, Useful & Interesting Things

One of the ways CLM supports you to be your very best, is to pass on information, ‘know-how’ or successful experiences to others.   Including things we think you might find useful or interesting, because we have…

Useful Links:

A free online Bible that has numerous versions available; offline downloadable versions; auditory capability; & loads more.


A free online Bible, commentaries, study tools and numerous other useful study aids.

Free online Bible, numerous Bible versions, audio Bible, and much more.

Interesting Things:

GuideLines, by K. Bradford Brown
Guidelines are an exercise in awakening, designed to punctuate the not-so-obvious.  You can open them at random and see how they speak to your current situation.  Or you can read them in sequence and get a broader sense of connections.  You might choose one to reflect on, to develop your growth edge.  Either way, use them to untie knots and help you grow.  Each book is spiral-bound in a gift box, and is dedicated to a different theme.  More...


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