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Divine Business Network - a place where like-minded Christian people in business come to talk openly about their Christian faith from a business perspective and network without rigid rules or the need for  forced referrals.

Upcoming Seminars:

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Other Seminars We've Done:
  • Spiritual Gifts & Prophetic Art
  • Physical Health: Why should I take care of me?
  • Emotional Health: How do I maintain it?
  • Emotional Health: Why do I need it?
  • A Call to Love
  • Conquering the "Wilderness Mentality"
  • An Act of Faith
  • What am I supposed to do with my gifting?
  • What has God gifted me with?
  • The Power of Prayer
  • Your Date with              Destiny
  • The Role of Women
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Positioned for Possession
  • Metamorphosis – A complete transformation
  • Identity – Facets of our identity
  • How to Access Your Inheritance
  • Live your purpose and be empowered
  • 2009 – The Year of Release
  • Will the REAL Woman Please Stand Up
  • Woman of Substance

Supporting Individuals
Christian Leadership Ministries provides creative development and training opportunities to enhance the leadership and talent potential of people as individuals.  Opportunities for personal and professional development include workshops and seminars, training courses, consultancy, coaching, mentoring and bespoke leadership development programmes.
We empower and enable individuals, tomorrow’s leaders, to think differently about serving others, to get excited about God’s call on their life and take their very next step in fulfilling their God-given purpose in their place of worship and/or the local community.
Examples include:
  • 360° Feedback Facilitation – using the CLMQ™, the UK’s first bespoke 360° tool   specifically developed for enhancing leadership within the Christian community.
  • Leadership & personal development coaching/mentoring
  • Skill & personal development training – participative workshops and seminars
  • Bespoke training and development programmes

Recommend a Leader

Do you know a Christian leader who is looking for someone to invest in their development as a leader?
If so, consider recommending them to one of Christian Leadership Ministries Development Programmes.  We treat each recommendation with great respect.  The leader you recommend will be notified of your recommendation, and our Founder, Oenca Fontaine, will personally follow up with them to help them decide if Christian Leadership Ministries is a good fit for them.  Recommend a Leader

Supporting Teams
Fact: People can achieve much more by working together with others rather than attempting to do things on their own. 
Building and maintaining successful leadership and management teams is not often a simple task.  The process becomes more problematic when new teams are formed; where there is a need to work closely with different people, new processes and/or new tasks.  However, we believe that effective teams really do help make successful organisations and an effective team is one that works well together and deals with conflicting views effectively.
Christian Leadership Ministries supports an organisations team development process by helping both individuals and teams become aware of their work based behaviours and the way they interact together.  We work with Christian organisations in the design and facilitation of team development workshops, team ‘away days’ and team building events.  We tend to do this in number of ways:
  • Facilitation of team development workshops – that explore any barriers to team effectiveness and support organisations find solutions to possible interpersonal conflict, in order to improve team cohesiveness and productivity.
  • Use of team profiling or 360° Degree style feedback tools to identify potential issues that may negatively impact team performance .
  • Bespoke training and development interventions.
  • Leadership, personal development or team coaching/mentoring support – to improve team effectiveness.
So if you want your leadership or management teams to be more than the sum of their parts, exceed expectations, rather than ‘just get by’, be a team that everyone wants to work with and be a part of, then help is at hand!

Supporting Churches (or Christian organisations)
Churches and organisations don’t change.  People do, one at a time, one action at a time.
At Christian Leadership Ministries, we start any organisational development programme with the end in mind and work with you to understand how your existing culture, ways of doing things, helps or hinders your efforts in moving toward achieving your vision and mission.  We then work with you in moving your organisation’s culture – people’s habitual attitudes, behaviours and practices – to align more closely with the organisational outcome you want to achieve.
Some of the ways we inspire churches or Christian organisations to change, grow and succeed include:
  • Strategy, vision and organisational values formation or development
  • Culture change interventions
  • Congregation or staff engagement activities
  • Bespoke Training and Development Programmes


The development of the UK’s first 360-Degree Feedback Tool ‘specifically’ for Christian Leadership, has arrived!
The development process involved:
  • Over 12 months desk-based book research
  • Input from a number or churches, including: Methodist; Church of God of Prophecy; Church of God (7th Day); Seventh Day Adventist; Church of England; and others
  • Over 85 hours of rigorous consultation with Pastors, spiritual leaders & Christian professionals
  • Validity & Reliability testing by a Occupational Psychologist and Talent Management Consultant (Christian)
We are currently engaged in researching the ‘Christian Landscape’ from the perspective of the major church denominations & Christian networks across Birmingham, West Midlands.
We are currently working with a number of people/organisations who are actively engaged in Phase One of the piloting & roll out plan.


What is 360 Degree Feedback?
360 Degree Feedback or 360 Degree Assessment, also known as multi-rater feedback, multi source feedback or multi source feedback, has evolved to become a very effective leadership development tool.  The term “360” refers to the 360 degrees of a circle, with an individual figuratively in the centre of the circle.
Feedback about a person’s leadership behaviours and their leadership impact is provided by direct reports, peers, supervisors and internal others.  360-degree feedback also includes a self-assessment and where appropriate, feedback from external sources, i.e. other interested stakeholders.  Today, most 360-degree feedback assessments are conducted online and they typically provide both numerical and qualitative feedback (written comments).


The CLMQ™ 360 assessment is designed to measure the Christian leadership behaviours most important to an individual leader or a church/other Christian organisation’s success.
Leaders within organisations use 360 feedback surveys to get a better understanding of their leadership strengths and areas for development.  By comparing self-perceptions to the perceptions of other, an individual is able to clearly see how his or her leadership behaviour both impacts and is impacted by those with whom he or she works.
When an individual receives his or her 360 feedback results, he or she is typically provided with some type of coaching in which the individual analyses the report, identifies strengths and areas for improvement and develops action plans.  Supporting academic studies has found that those individuals who receive some type of coaching on their feedback, and set goals for development, experience significantly greater improvement than those who simply participate in the 360 and receive their feedback reports.
360 Feedback can also be a useful development tool to develop the leadership potential for people who are not currently in a specific leadership position/role.  Strictly speaking, a "non-leader" 360 assessment is not measuring feedback from 360 degrees since there are no direct reports, but the same principles still apply. 360 Feedback for potential leaders is a useful way to help people be more effective in their current roles, and also to help them better understand what areas they should focus on if they want to move into more a leadership or management position.
As churches or other Christian organisations rely more heavily on teamwork, cooperation and communication to improve productivity and performance, 360 degree feedback is becoming an increasingly useful tool in order to support their overall organisational growth and people development strategies.



Revelation to Revolution to Results

Use our leading edge leadership development assessment process to:
Step 1:
‘Reveal’ the impact that your current leadership style and approach has in your church or organisation.
Step 2:
‘Revolutionise’ your thinking, leadership capacity and capability.

Step 3:

Maximise ‘Results’ by mobilising people and creating a long-lasting legacy in your local community.
Christian Leadership Ministries (CLM)
Bringing leading edge leadership development techniques to the Church and Christian Family – through your leadership capability.


Our Training Ministry
A Programme of Weekend Seminars and Retreats
A series of practical workshops, seminars and sessions, designed to accompany you on a developmental journey:  Taking you from where you are today, to the place where you can confidently engage in the ministry the God Himself has purposed for your life! 
During our time together we will train and equip you in areas that will support you to actively engage with the mandate on your life. 
  • Spiritual growth and development
  • The practical application of fundamental Bible principles
  • Interpersonal skill development
  • Dealing with limiting beliefs and attitudes
  • Networking skills
  • And many more...
We have been running our series of seminar, workshops and extending support to indivdiuals and those responsible for leading others since 2013.  Guided by the Holy Spirit and taking well over 2 years to create, our work has transformed the spiritual lives of people who have come along and taken part.  Our desire is that by the end of the year, by God’s grace, many more people will have the fundamental tools and support necessary to take positive steps in fulfilling God’s call on their life!

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th July, 2016
At: The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 1AU
Join us and... Discover and celebrate your spiritual gifting AND also take part in a special Prophetic Art Workshop, led by Julia Powell, from Just Believe.

Come along and... Awaken the Gift of Prophecy in your life and the life of others!

Why don't you bring a friend too!

Limited overnight accommodation is available, on a first come, first served, basis.  So book your place by 30th June, to avoid disappointment.  NB: Get an Early Bird Discount if you book before Tuesday 10th May!
Fri/Sun 8th - 10th July, 2016
Venue: The Hayes Conference Centre Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 1AU
Times: Fri 8th July, 5pm to Sun 10th July after Lunch      (cc. 15:00)
Cost: Early Booking Price is £187.00 per person, BEFORE Tuesday, 10th May
Full Price, from Wednesday, 11th May is £215.00.

(Price Includes: 2-night's accommodation (Fri/Sat), meals, refreshments, seminar, all training materials, (including art materials) & coach-mentoring support over the weekend).

Non-Residential Delegate Option: For individuals who wish to attend the retreat, but do not require overnight accommodation - £89.00 (if booked by Wed 11th May); Full price - £110 (if booked after 11th May).
Non-residential delegate rate includes lunch (Sat & Sun), morning & afternoon refreshments and training materials.  However, it does not include dinner (Fri/Sat night).
  Forward your booking form & deposit of £50.00 as soon as
  possible to reserve & secure your place.
  Want a monthly payment plan, please contact us to discuss.

Contact Oenca Fontaine on:
07956 929 151 or
for more information and/or to book your place.



We are conducting some research into the use of the web and/or other online services for leadership development purpoes within the wider Christian community.

We have developed a short 10-question survey and would like your help in getting as many people who have used, currently use or would consider using online methods for personal or professional Christian value based training and development. 

We would value and welcome your opinion, so please complete the questionnaire on Survey Monkey, by following the link:

It shouldn't take you more that 10-15 minutes.
Thank you very much, God bless you.

  2016 Training Programme

More Specially Themed Weekend Retreats Coming Soon
Latest News...

A networking opportunity with a difference!
The Divine Business Network every 3rd Tuesday ~ 8 am - 10 am,
The Renewal Centre, Solihull.

A place where like-minded Christian people in business come to talk openly about their faith from a business perspective and network without the need for rigid rules or forced referrals.

The Divine Business Network is an alternative environment that supports Christian people in business to build authentic business and personal relationships in a relaxed, informal yet respectful way.

There is no membership requirement.  The cost of each meeting is £20, to cover breakfast and room hire.


Workshops & Seminars Delivered:

Christian Leadership Ministries' Events
"Physical Health: Why should I take care of me?" – Warwickshire
"Emotional Health: Why do I need it?" – Warwickshire
"A Call to Love" – Warwickshire
"Conquering the Wilderness Mentality" – Warwickshire
"An Act of Fatih" Warwickshire
"What am I supposed to do with my gifting?" Warkwickshire
"What has God gifted me with?" Warwickshire
"The Power of Prayer" – Warwickshire

"Your Date with Destiny" Warwickshire, Herts & Birmingham

Other Workshops & Seminars
Oenca has been invited to be the guest speaker or guest trainer at a number of Women’s Retreats over the last few years.  Here are just some of the topics we have been asked to develop and deliver training workshops and seminars to support on:

“The Role of Women” – Birmingham
“The Law of Attraction” – Birmingham
“Positioned for Possession” – Nantwich
“Metamorphosis A Complete Transformation” – Derby
“Identity - Facets of our identity” – London
“How to Access Your Inheritance” – Birmingham
“Live Your Purpose and Be Empowered” – London
“2009 The Year of Release” – Derby
“Will the REAL Woman Please Stand Up” – Derby
“Woman of Substance” – Manchester
NB:  Contact us at or call us on 07956 929 151 
if you think we can support you too.


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